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Hi everyone!
I am a begginer with PODHD 500x, that's why I need your help.

I dowloaded differents patches from the LINE 6 website, and when I tried them at home everything worked fine.
When I went to play with my band in our small room, I attached the POD direct in front of a combo (LINE 6 SPIDER IV - CLEAN).

Problem is that when I play a distorted patch, it start to whistle and make unsupportable noise.

I read on
This that I report:

"I recommend setting your output mode to the appropriate non-"Studio/Direct" mode. If you want to use your Pod for both "direct" and "live" purposes, I recommend leaving the output mode as "Studio/Direct" and setting your "live" patches up with "no cab" as your cabinet selection. When you use "no cab", you get the same output in every output mode (more-or-less) - all cab/mic simulation is simply disabled. "


Now what I would like to try is to set INPUT 1: GUITAR and INPUT 2: VARIAX for all the patches;
And then I would like to put this "no cab" suggested, but I don't really understand how to do this.

About the "mixer" Path A and Path B should be Centered ? Or should I leave it 100%R and 100%L?

May you help me through this? Any other reccomandations?



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Turn down the amp. Make sure your combo is not adding lots of gain.

Lower the gain in the HD.

Use a noisegate. .Sounds like your pickups are polyphonic.

Shielding the guitar is worthwhile and will minimize the squeel.

Turn it down. Move away from in front of the amp speaker.

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