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HELIX HX Edit app needs some love. Heres a few IdeaScales - for example "View salient info for ALL stomps in one go"

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Suggestion  1: A view which displays ALL Stomps + Snapshots 

As it is, it's much easier to edit on the unit itself. 

There are things that an app can do much better than a real hardware unit and vice a versa. Currently HELIX Editor isn't there yet. 


One of the current hassles is being able to view the settings for only ONE stomp or snapshot assignment at any one time. 

What would really help is if there was a view mode where the most salient information for EVERY pedal, and/or Snapshot was displayed all at once - at a glance. Since there is so much potential info that could be viewed ( and edited ) maybe some kinds of filter options or preferences would be needed in order to only show in this view the most salient information required. 


For example sometimes I need to be viewing and editing just the MIDI Controller settings for any pedal, another time all the effects bypass settings and another time the snapshots. 


There is SO much more potential GUI-wise for making HELIX HX Edit a fine and extremely productive tool for doing major work on HELIX - and at the moment as many have said it really IS currently much easier to edit on the actual unit itself. But as pleasant and cool as that is - there are many times when I want to be editing via HELIX Edit - and am away from the HELIX itself - even in another room - working remotely onto the HELIX via a computer over Wi fi even - and the app comes into its own. 


And given current limitations workflow-wise concerning MIDI Control aspects it would be really helpful of HX Edit came to the rescue. 


Surely one of the major things any music-making tool ought to strive at is improving the workflow of anything involving heavily used gear.





 "add Option to show ALL setlists at same time": 




"Show Snapshots as 8 separate buttons not dropdown" 





View TWO presets at same time ( for copying or comparing settings etc... )



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