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Stereo paths, Stereo Distortion, Stereo effects?

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Hello All

My questions are around 'how do you use stereo paths, effects and routing?


Q) Do you use 'stereo' distortion in front of an AMP? If I use a dual path with two amps and a stereo Distortion 

in front of the two amps and I pan A/B is this really creating a stereo path?


Q) Do you use a split path with effect in parallel or series?


Q) Have you noticed that the smart harmony block, in stereo if its in front of a dual path does NOT split the harmony out to discrete stereo?


Q) Do you notice anything interesting about stereo block effects before amp paths?

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Any stereo blocks used before the amp will automatically be collapse the signal to mono.  This is why your smart harmony block doesn't split stereo.  Using a stereo block before the amp will also use up more DSP.  Always use mono blocks before the amp.  This practice will also help you better utilize your DSP.


I haven't experimented with dual amps, so possibly someone else can chime in with that answer or offer more insight to the rest of your questions.



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well, in the case of stereo distortion and dual amps, it sounds different than a mono block (ie better)

the smart harmony doesnt see to follow the path

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