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L6 link connection with Helix and PA system

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I recently acquired a stagescape mixer to use in combination with my L2T speakers and Helix. My question is; is there any point in connecting the helix in the chain via L6 link? I run the chain as follows - M20D to L2T to other L2T. But I connect my helix to the mixer via line input section. Should I be adding in the helix at them via L6 link....will it even serve a purpose? 


Before I had the mixer the chain was helix to L2T to L2T. Just not sure if there is a benefit to keeping the helix in the L6 chain, or if it would even work that way. Does anyone have any input? Thanks!

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I use L6 Link to run my Helix direct to my 2xL3t speaker setup when I'm just playing/practicing guitar by myself.  But when I'm playing with other people I use the M20d for all instrument/mic inputs, including my Helix using either 1/4" or XLR outs to the M2od, and run L6 Link from the M20d to the Stagesource speakers.





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So you are like me just connecting the Helix to the mixer via line inputs...L6 link from mixer to speakers. That made the most sense to me as well. Thanks sir.


On a side note do you have the L3S? I am wondering if it is even required to future proof the system. Having said that we don't need the added firepower for our rehearsal space or most bars we play in...they are just to small. Have you had a chance to use one at all?

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Interesting topic, i also have Helix, M20d and a pair of L3Ms as main speakers (i haven't used them as dedicated speakers for Helix yet, but i appreciate the possibility to do so, in case of need - using a resident PA system at some larger venue).


I'd like to question if there is ANY way to use M20d---L6 Link---> Speaker Chain ...and insert the Helix somehow in the chain ?
The logical way would be to go Helix---L6 Link---> M20d....but there is no L6 Link input on the's suppsoed to the the startof the L6 Link chain...

So are you proposing to insert the Helix somewhere on some L6 speakers...but how ? all speakers in the chain will have their L6 Link In taken up...only the last speaker will have the L6 Link Out there something i am missing in terms of possibilities ?

Many thanks!


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The only way I am guessing it would work to have all connected via L6 link would be to go M20/speakers/helix. Note sure if that would even work to get audio to the mixer vs just going in via line in. Or if there is any added functionality doing it that way. Cant test it cause my mixer and helix are at home, and the speakers at the rehearsal space. I will however test connecting the mixer and helix via link and see what happens.

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No you're not missing anything. As you rightly point out there is just one L6 Link In and Out on each Stagesource speaker. With two L6 Link compatible devices (Helix and M20d) only one of them can be connected to the speakers via L6 Link.


There are several ways to set things up with two Stagesource speakers. Presumably you want them to operate as a stereo pair rather than two mono speakers. Here are the options with their pros and cons as I see things:


My preferred option is Helix to M20d via analog inputs, M20d via L6 Link to speaker #1 then L6 Link from speaker #1 to #2. All other instruments/mics are connected to M20d inputs. This allows the two speakers to be a full stereo pair for all M20d inputs. However, any analog inputs connected directly to speaker #2 will only be heard through speaker #2 because there is no available L6 Link input connection back to speaker #1. Frankly I'm not sure if analog inputs to speaker #1 will be heard in speaker #2; the L6 Link connection is in place so the signal may be passed to #2 but I have never tested this. Bottom line: if you're using the M20d use it for all inputs including Helix.


You could try Helix to #1 via L6 Link and then M20d to #1 (not #2) via analog but as mentioned above I haven't tested this in terms of stereo operation. Not sure what this gains you in any case except if your M20d inputs are otherwise maxed out.


You could also try Helix to #1 via L6 Link and M20d to a Helix Return input pair. However this would take up one path in your Helix preset, reducing your Helix preset DSP to 50%.


Yet another option is to connect both speakers in a 2-way L6 Link fashion, with the In of each connected to the Out of the other. Then connect Helix, M20d, (and any other instruments/mics if you have the Stagesource speakers with side panel mixer) to the analog speaker inputs. This would provide the maximum number of inputs (M20d, Helix with Return pair, and all speaker inputs) and everything would operate in stereo. I have never tried this.


So there are a lot of different setup options,  but unless your input requirements exceed the M20d input capacity I don't see any reason to use anything but the preferred option described first. IMHO there is no real advantage to keeping the Helix signal digital rather than sending it analog through the M20d.







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