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Can an external stomp pedal send midi through EXP Pedal 2?

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I'm using the helix lt to control Loop Community's "prime" application on an Ipad. I'm using the MIDI ports on the helix to do this. I'm wanting to add more stomp buttons to help me have more control. Is it possible to use something like this (https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FSB106Ad1--bugera-fsb106a-6-button-footswitch-for-bugera-trirec) to connect with a TRS cable to the helix's EXP Pedal 2?


I'm wanting to still be able to use the helix to control parameters in prime, but I'm also wanting more stomp options. So my first though was just to extend the helix with another pedal.

Any thoughts or advice?

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TRS does not transmit or receive any midi... that jack on the footswitch is likely dedicated for use with the Bugera Tri-Rec amps.


This footswitch works as a midi controller only when you use the midi ports... and by the looks of it, it doesn't even have a MIDI OUT (it has a through) so I think it only received messages to control the Bugera Tri-Rec. IMO: I don't think it can send anything to the Helix. 


If you find a footswitch with MIDI IN & MIDI OUT/THROUGH you should be able to make it work...

Helix Out > iPad In

iPad Out > Controller In

Controller Out/Through > Helix In


Then you need to setup appropriate midi channels to make sure the right device talks to the right sections on the Helix. 

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