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Acoustic on 59 vs 69 - trem springs?

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I just bought a JTV69 and a Helix is on the way. Previous VG99 owner and I loved being able to dictate the guitar model being used on patch by patch basis but hated tha GK3 wart powerful as the VG99 was.


Anyways, one of the things I wanted the JTV for was the much better acoustic models but I'm wondering whether I made a mistake getting the 69 over the 59.


I hadn't thought about the trem springs effect on the sound with them creating that early reflection reverb type thing and thinking further I noticed Sean invariably uses the 59 to demo acoustic sounds EDIT - actually that's not true, I see he's used 89 and 69 but I think the main acoustic demo is on a 59, sorry! 


Anyway I think the springs do add something I don't want and wasn't expecting/just didn't consider at the time.


I've ordered some noiseless springs so we'll see what they do but curious if anyone else has tried acoustic on both types i.e. hardtail vs trem?


I'm wondering whether to swap out the 69 for 59. I use the acoustic a fair bit.


Interested to hear thoughts

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I have a '69 and use acoustic models all the time, direct to PA and my own powered monitor as well as electric guitar models through my Helix. I hadn't noticed any problems with noise from the springs, but I put some cloth into my springs as a preventative measure.


If you plan on doing any Jimi or Eddie dive bombing, be aware that the modelled sounds will get messy when the slack strings lose contact with the piezo saddles. Use the magnetic pickups when dive bombing.


When practicing and tone-tweaking at low volumes, be aware that the acoustic volume of the physical guitar will be almost as loud as the amplified volume of the modelled guitar. This is especially annoying when using alternate tunings. Either turn the volume up loud or use headphones when you need to hear the modelled tone alone.


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The tremolo spring tension can be adjusted, ever so slightly, to give a little extra string-to-piezo

contact for dive bombing,... a little extra. I do that from time-to-time on request,... as part of service

and repairs when doing a final set-up on a guitar.


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