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Can't Setup Guitar And Mic With Guitarrig And Skype Ux2

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Hi there.

Im using UX2 Studio

I've found that certain setup is impossible:

I want to play something with background mp3 using Guitar Rig (not pod farm)

While running skype i cannot reach the proper sound from microphone.

The person who is calling can just hear the guitar sound from Guitarrig or Overdriven microphone (depending on pod farm output setup)


I was messing with setup in pod farm 2.5 and i can ONLY reach the setup:

Person is hearing sound from microphone and guitar is overdrived from Pod Farm 2.5


But i dont want to have overdrive from Pod farm. I want to use Guitar Rig.

The problem is that guitar rig overdrives every input from UX2 not just guitar.


Is there any possibility to setup Pod Studio UX2 with Overdriven guitar (with Guitar rig) and clean microphone in that way so People calling me with Skype would hear the sound from microphone?


Or is there any stereo mix driver for UX2 so i could mix mp3 with guitar sound (guitar rig) ?



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I don't use Guitar Rig or Skype.

Does Guitar Rig have the ability to have a separate signal path for each input?

If so you should be able to set up a dual tone in POD Farm and have Tone A be guitar and Tone B mic (or vice versa) and pan hard L & R.

Then don't add any models to the mic input.

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50% success: Using such setting:

Dual tone in Pod farm

Input: Instrument     Input: Mic1    Rec: tone A


What i hear is overdriven guitar from guitarrig and clean mic.

What i want to hear: just overdriven guitar.

What i want my friend to hear via skype: just MIC

I dont want him to hear guitar and mic i just want him to hear only signal from microphone

When muting mic output we both just hear guitar.


Effect should sound like this:

Im hearing guitar sound

He is hearing microphone signal only.


The problem is there is no such setting in driver or skype.... because i can just select UX2 as a device there is no selection UX2 input/output in skype.


Diffrent method idea:

Can i set up that Person calling me with skype would hear "what you hear"?

I mean i would like him to hear mp3 background and my guitar.

So far i can setup just my guitar can be audible via skype

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