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bought new phone, amplifi remote not syncing tones


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I’ve bought a new android phone, previously I had another android phone and still have an ipad. whenever I edited a tone on the phone then I found the updated list in my tones on the ipad, and viceversa, they’re in the cloud obviously. Now I have this new phone and there are no tones in my tones tab. I’ve checked i’m logged in with the same account. If I create a tone on the new phone it gets correctly pushed on the other devices, but the all the other tones made previously don’t load on the new phone.

any advice? 

(btw this app is pretty bad anyways)

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41 minutes ago, cloph said:

please don't post the exact same question in multiple forums at the same time.



it's because google brought me there but then I realized that there's an amplifi TT forum, which is what I have. Anyways it's about the app, so I guess it's relevant

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