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Anyone have a list of the amps translated?


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 I know they are trying to show you popular options, like a jcm900 or a Dual rectifier but they cant use those names so they call them something else, like a 2001 cali metal plate, obviously that is one of the Mesa Boogie amps, but does anyone have a list translating them all?


I heard someone say the bomber was the Bogner, for example, I am not 100% familiar with every amp on the market but it would be helpful to know what these models are supposed to emulate a little better.

I am mostly interested in American amps and high gain amps model names.

I need to dial in a few patches and it takes a LOT of time as it is, I could save a lot of time by focusing on the right amps in the first place, if I knew what was what I would know exactly which I want to dial in.

has anyone made a list?




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Here are two links, one that lists that equivalent model the effect or amp is based on. The second link is experiencing some issues with the text (at least on my end), but it also gives a little blurb about each amp, and offers a bit more insight into some of the Line 6 original amps, which can be modded amps or cool mash of up amps.


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On 3/6/2020 at 11:40 PM, Samos12 said:

These are now a few years old...  Is there an updated list based on the latest firmware?  Thanks!  :-)

The amp and effect models are all the same with the latest firmware. The latest firmware added redesigned presets and classic speaker mode.

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