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Using the mobile android app, keeps disconnecting


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I was able to get this working 100% 

Just had to un-install the app and re install it now it works perfectly.



For anyone that might encounter this problem.

I found that if I log into the app I can get it to show me the patches on the cloud, it wont download them, it still disconnects and just wont do it, BUT I can see the patches and hit "edit" and then make notes of the actuak settings, which is a pain but fine with me, as long as I can access those cloud patches Im good.

I found that if I log in I can browse the cloud, I can even hit edit and see what the patches are made up from, BUT I can not download any patches, I get error loading patch every single time!!!


So, I installed the app on my Samsung s5, seems to work, then I bought an otg cable and connected it.

Seems to be working, until I press "tones" then I get a message not connected.


So I unplug and re connect the cable, it comes up and asks me to use this usb device, I say yes, and then it is on, I can see my patch on the amp, etc.. then as soon as I go to tones, it disconnects.

Its driving me nuts, I just want to download a patch or two, what is going on?

Am I doing something wrong?




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Well I ran the compatibility test and it says my phone supports full 3rd party and os, so it should work.

What is Line 6 Monkey, I remember hearing that, but what is it for, how will it help me with the cloud patches?


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Monkey is a pc rogram, I am trying to use my phone with the cloud and usb connected to my amp, I looked and they dont have an app for Monkey, what will installing Monkey on my pc have to do with getting spider remote app on my android device working?


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