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Two very cool things about Helix


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So you veterans probably already know all of this, but I absolutely love the manual bypass (pg 41~43) and momentary switching option (pg 45). We do 2 songs in our cover band that require me to 1) quickly turn on the wah; and 2) have a momentary delay. The switching on the ole' X3L was inconsistent & sometimes I'd miss it (not cool). The delay thing was okay but better with momentary switching. 


I haven't even gotten around to amp/cab modeling or multi paths. The Aqualung preset was a nice touch, IMO! Still trolling the YT vids, those guys all make it look so easy! 


If anyone has links to good info please post them- I've learned a lot from what I've already seen but I know there is a wealth of stuff out there. Please be patient with us newbies, it's quite a lot to take in at first...





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