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Firehawk recording issues

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I'm having trouble recording using the Firehawk...I've tried both using the direct connection through USB and using the balanced outputs to a recording interface.  I'm using Windows 10 with Ableton software.  Ableton recognizes the Firehawk and can configure either as an MME/Direct input or ASIO.


The problem I have is that the signal coming out from the Firehawk is WAY too loud.  It comes in pretty much clipping even when I'm not playing loudly or when the master volume is low.  I use a looper so as I add layers it starts to clip and distort and it just sounds awful.  What comes out of the speakers sounds great, so it's nothing to do with the processing on the front end...I just can't figure out how to turn down the signal on the USB or direct outs.

I should mention that when I run the direct outs, I have tried turning down the output volume on the interface, so the "volume" coming into Ableton is lower but the actual signal is still clipped. Similarly, I can turn down the individual track volume within Ableton but it doesn't make a difference...it's the original signal that is messed up.

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Could be worth a shot.
For Windows: Download & install the Line 6 Firehawk 1500
USB ASIO audio driver from www.line6.com/software.

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