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Aux Sends on MD20?

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I haven’t used my MD20 for large venues yet, but will be doing one in a little over a month (400 people in a conference setting), and part of the gig is to switch and record video through a video mixer. In my church, I configure two of my Yamaha TF5’s aux sends to output a mix to the video mixer and I use that as sound for all recorded video. Easy, sweet... never thought of doing that with the MD20 - never needed to until now. 


I will be using two L3t and one L3t speakers via Line6 link for the main output... do I just configure two of the monitor outs as aux sends? Is that how it’s done on this mixer?


I really don’t want to have to buy a TF1 for this gig, but I might need to...


Sorry for for the novice question, but the manual doesn’t really deal with this... 



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Assuming that you want to record the main audio directly then yes you can do that - but if you are using L6 Link then your main outputs are unused... so why not use them?

Using the Aux outputs means setting up a separate mix for the monitor, and on M20d it is expected that the monitors are mono while the main mix is stereo.


If the resulting video needs to be the highest quality I personally would record all inputs to an SD card, and post mix an audio track for the video - that way any mistakes in live mixing or unexpected noises can be removed and a better mix achieved. It just depends on how much time you want to put into it.



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I guess I wasn’t aware that the main outputs were live along with the L6 link - makes sense, though, because I sometimes use a monitor feed for a non-L 6 monitor along with the L2t I have for that. It is a good idea - thanks!


I am going up to the venue next week for a final inspection, to make sure I can locate the sound and video booth near the front stage. I know I can mix from an iPad in the audience, but if I have to set the sound/video booth up in the back of the room, the M20d won’t work well, especially not with the short runs possible with the L6 link. I’d have to go with a long conventional analog snake. Then the main outs would be used for powering the L3t speakers.  If that’s the case,  I might need to find the cash for the Yamaha TF1 and a digital snake. 


Thanks for the input!

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