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FX100 Compatibility to Spider V


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Hi all i have been on the fence between getting a Spider V or an AMPLFI (as they both have features i want that each other are lacking)


I came across the FX100, has anyone tried using it with a Spider V? does it work well?  (The two main features the AMPLFI has that he Spider is missing are bluetooth and ToneMatch)


So my main question is will using an FX100 with a Spider V give it Bluetooth for jamming, audio streaming and the ability to tone match?


Thanks in Advance,


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Spider v has tonematch?

im in same boat. Plugged my iPhone into V demo and could call up song specific tones by typing them in. Amplifi does it automatically but that’s it, plus doesn’t work with backing tracks anyway.

my concern with Amplifi is the Bluetooth connection as originally had an Amplifi 75 but returned it as kept dropping out. No such trouble with Spider as it hard wires and works flawlessly. Plus benefits from charging iPad and plays music through same lead

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On 4/26/2018 at 8:47 AM, louied825 said:

So my main question is will using an FX100 with a Spider V give it Bluetooth for jamming, audio streaming and the ability to tone match?

Well, I'd say that the strict answer to your question is 'Yes', but I personally wouldn't invest in a combination like this. 


Truthfully, I don't have much experience or knowledge of any of the Spider amplifiers, aside from using a borrowed one, ironically, with my FX100 at a gig where I sat in on 3 songs with a classic rock band. But that was a case of calling up a clean amplifier patch on the Spider and using the FX100 to supply distortion, amp simulation and other effects. I didn't have an opportunity to fully evaluate how well they worked together -- in was a 'one-and-done' impromptu situation. 


My reasoning for rejecting such a combination is that you're combining two modeling devices, each of which offers  a wide range of tone choices. To use such a combination effectively requires a lot of digging it to both units and really learning how to utilize their functionality so that you're not inadvertently setting up clashes that do more harm to your tone than good. And in so doing, you may find that you're effectively negating some of each unit's features and confusing the hell out of yourself in the process. In the FX100, you have effects, amp models and cabinet sims. A lot of these things are effectively duplicated in the the Spider -- things can quickly become very complicated.


In my opinion, the best-sounding, easiest-to-use and least expensive option would be to go with an Amplifi 75 or 150. I know much has been written about sketchy bluetooth connectivity in the Amplifi series. I have a 30, a 150 and an FX100.  Although I don't use bluetooth streaming on a reqular basis, I can report that I've not had the connectivity issues that others have reported with any of my devices.


Buying a Spider, especially the newest iteration, in addition to an FX100 is gonna be costly. Alternately, the FX100 would be a good choice going into a power amplifier of some sort, especially a FRFR system. My next choice would be a basic, quality guitar amplifier connected to the FX100.


Just my opinion, not a declaration of expertise or presumed credibility.  Others will probably weigh in with conflicting counsel, and that's ok. Their opinions count, too!

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