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Hd500 Vocoder - Use Aux-in As Carrier Signal?


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Hey all-


Curious if you can have one signal path be a vocoder with the carrier signal being a synth plugged in via aux in rather than a guitar.

So the programmed synth parts would control the pitch and sound rather than the guitar.

Essentially I want my guitar to be one signal path with it's own effects and then the 2nd signal path be the vocoder filter + synth via aux in.


My setup right now is that I use an EHX V256. Plug my mic in and plug an outside synth in via 1/4".

Sounds great, but I get some ducking and squashing since I have no compression or gate on the vocoder.

Rather than buy more pedals or a compressor, I'm considering the HD500 which would allow me to put these effects on the vocal path.



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Yes, you can have the aux input and guitar input be two seperate independat signal paths. You can mix them together at the end or pan one to 100% R and the other 100% left and send them out their own outputs as well.


So to use the vocoder I would need a mic plugged in + the aux in (carrier signal). This can all be it's own signal path?

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OK, I think I understand what you're asking. You'd like guitar in signal chain #1 and mic+aux on signal chain #2. No, you can't do that. The mic is by itself. Your available options on each of the signal chains is:


Variax Mags

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