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Dear pod xt live users is there any wah range asjustment? I want to have small range. Lets say from 25 to 55%. There is POSI indicator but when I move it pedal is still working from 0 to 100%. 

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Q: How do I calibrate the pedal on my PODxt Live?
1. Make sure there is nothing connected to your PODxt live aside from the power cable.
2. Power up the PODxt Live while holding down the Bank Up pedal
3. Press the Amp pedal (this will reset the current settings)
4. Move the pedal all the way to the heel back position, then all the way forward until the toe switch clicks. You will want to stand up and shift all of your weight to the toe position until you see the WAH light turn on.
5. Wait 10 seconds, then power the PODxt Live off and back on again.
6. Your pedal is now calibrated.


If you don't want the full range, don't move it all the way back or forward. Look at the MAPPED field for the value between 0 and 127. 





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