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Looping w the Firehawk

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Hi, I’m just getting into looping and recording. I’ve been playing forever but was never into effects u til recently.


Anyway, I have a firehawk 1500 amp and a boss rc 300.


ideally what I’d like to do is law down a basic acoustic rhythm and loop it and then use some distortion, reverb, and other effects over it for the lead. 


The problem im having is that when I record that basic acoustic rhythm on the looper, as soon as I go to my electric effects, the rhythm is switched from the clean acoustic to the electric effects. 


How would i properly do this?


Probably a stupid question but could use some help, thanks guys!

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You will need an additional cable, because you need to put the loop pedal in the FX loop.  Move the FX loop block to the end of the chain, right before the unmovable reverb block. Make sure to turn it on and set the mix properly.  50% will be 50/50 blend of signal and looper, 100% sends all signal through the looper and back into the Firehawk.  

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