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New Amplifi?


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I am giving serious thought to buying an Amplifi 150.  I notice that they are currently on sale and that the current models are several years old.  I would hate to buy now and them have a new model come out soon after.  Does anyone know if Line 6 is getting ready to release new models in the near future?



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Anyone who might now is likely under NDA and thus cannot tell, and everyone else is on the same page as you are :-)

Just with computers there's never the right time to buy stuff. But with a good deal I wouldn't see a reason why not to get it. (After all there's not much choice in this type of Amplifiers, you basically have the Line6 Amplifi and maybe Spider, the Yahama THR10 (cannot compete with 150W, limited effects), the Boss Katana (much more expensive) and the Blackstar (more expensive and limited effects) – so Amplifi gets you most bang for your buck I'd say. But of course depends on what style of music you play and whether you already have your favorite pedals/effects unit).


But let's assume that Line6 will release a new model: If it would have the HD effects then, it would be prices more like the Firehawk, so a lot more expensive (and then I'd not consider it as a update of Amplifi line, but new release of Firehaw). If it is just a refresh with minor updates (like e.g. usb charging port or additional i/o FX-loop or maybe a way to switch banks on the unit itself or integrated wireless like the Spider): would you be happy to pay the MSRP of the Amplifi for that, or would you rather save the money with the clearance deal?

I don't think Line6 will lower the price in a hypothetical refresh, as Line6 already is at the lower end compared to similar products. And Powercab alone costs twice as much...


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I'm in the same boat, looking for a simple combo solution for times when taking my computer based setup would be a PITA. I have an Amplifi 150 here, and would love to make more use of it. I can't use it as an FRFR because the interface doesn't seem to work the way most other Line 6 products do, where you can run the USB interface inline and/or parallel with the amplifier's sound, you can only run it in parallel, so the actual amp path will always be in the signal path, useless as an all in one interface/FRFR.


I've been trying to find a way to wire a line out tap ffrom the speaker level wiring, but it seems too sketchy and chopping up what would otherwise be a perfectly serviceable unit.


The Spider 5 looks pretty cool, but for some reason they dumbed down the included FX from the Spider 4. So maybe a Spider 4? Seems to be a glaring hole in the market, if Line 6 would just stick the HD500X in a combo (and wish of all wishes, let us import our own IR's) that would murder the marketplace


We had a Firehawk 1500 here for a while, and it was OK, but for its size and cost, and the fact that the controller app is horrid and makes you relogin every 30 seconds, no thanks. I actually would have kept it if you could edit on the PC at the time (tried to do android emulation, but yak)

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