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Amplifi TT and FBV3 or Shortboard Mkll

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I'm about to purchase an Amplifi TT and a foot controller. I've done a little research and it seems that I can use either of these with a TT.


Will one give me more control over the other or will I be missing out on some features of the TT  if I make the wrong choice?


I've found a Shortboard Mkll at a good price, but I'll hang on until I get some advice on here.





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Both should be equal. Might be that you cannot turn on/off compressor with the Shortboard MKII (or one of the function switches will do it).


The FBV 3 has 5 switches above the preset and tap switches,  of which FS1 is always tied to compressor, FS5 is always tied to  reverb. FS2, FS3 and FS4 are your assignable effects im amplifi, in "Stomp", "Mod", "Delay" order as indicated by little symbols in the app when connected (doesn't need to match the order as they appear in your signal chain, and also doesn't mean you cannot two mod effects and a synth for example - rather it means you can assign them to the footswitches as you please by reordering the effects in the app accordingly/assigning the desired effect for FS2 to the slot labeled with the "Stomp" indicator for example). FBV 3 has a Function switch, but that doesn't do anything with the Amplifi.


The Shortboard MKII doesn't have that additional footswitch for compressor, but has two function switches - one of which might toggle the compressor, not sure. But that really should be the only difference in terms of interaction with the Amplifi. 

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Great advice again, thanks cloth...

I found a good deal on an Amplifi TT tonight, so that will arrive next week. 


Might have to wait a week or two before I get permission to buy the pedal..!



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