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L2T/L3T, L2M/L3M Availability?

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These speakers are often recommended on the Helix threads as the best speakers to use with the Helix.  I live in Nashville and have no shortage of top notch music stores.  NONE carry these speakers.  I travel for a living in southern/mid-south states, so I searched Line 6's page for dealers all across the south.  Guitar Center is obviously their main dealer, but there are a handful of others.  There isn't a single Guitar Center or any other music store in the entire Southern US that has any of these units.  Are they on their way out or are they just not popular enough for stores to carry inventory?  I will not make an investment this big without being able to hear the speakers first.  This will force me to get another brand's loud speakers since Line 6 can't be put to the test and compared to their competitors.  I suppose with internet shopping closing more and more brick and mortar stores every day this is our future, but it sure is frustrating that a company like Line 6 can't keep inventory in stores of what one would assume is one of their best products.  

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Line 6 does not seem to do much to promote their PA products any more - which is a shame because they are among the best out there.  I have found that stores generally do not stock them and have to order.  I have the whole PA system and a few extra L2s and I can tell you that the speakers are excellent but you may want to check out their new powered cabs.  The L series speakers will sound like a produced, recorded guitar tone.  The new guitar focused speakers have a much more raw and natural guitar amp tone - and they cost WAY less.

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