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Wah manual bypass causes preset volume drop


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I mentioned in an earlier post that I really like the manual bypass option for the wah. I've been burned by the toe switch on both the X3L & my old Cry Baby so this is a great option. I noticed some presets were at a much lower vol level and traced it to the wah block. I can of course bypass the block (I did on all of the other presets) and that fixes it but that defeats the purpose. Does anyone know if there is another way to do it, or am I doing something wrong? 


I followed the directions at the top of page 42 in the manual.

Bypass Assign / wah block: 

Knob 1 (Switch) set to EXP1

Knob 2 set to 5%

Knob 3 set to 300ms


As always, thanks for any help given.

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How much of a volume drop are you talking? There can be a perceived volume drop with a wah, and you can generally compensate for that by increasing the Level parameter in the wah block. If it's a big volume drop, there's probably something else going on.

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If the idle state of every other preset is 100%, the preset with the wah is about 75. Using a Teardrop 310 and the lvl is @ 0.0db. 


I haven't tried increasing the level because this happens when the wah is off (manually bypassed). I can try that but I assumed that in the off mode the signal wouldn't be affected by it. Not sure I explained it well but this happens when no wah is engaged on every preset, the only difference is that I can "hard" bypass it in signal view & the level comes up to normal. In Manual Bypass mode even though the wah is disengaged it still lowers the vol. I'll try increasing the lvl on the EXP bypass \ed preset & report back.



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Okay, so the plot thickens. In either manual or signal view* bypass mode (with no toe switch engaged so no wah function) the sound changes when pressing the bypass button. This tells me that the signal is routed through the wah anytime it's not bypassed. 


I guess there are 3 different wah states:


Bypassed, no wah and vol pedal on EXP 2

Wah block lit (un-bypassed) but still vol pedal on EXP 2 (this alters the sound)

Unbypassed, wah engaged (EXP 1) & no vol pedal


I can switch from vol to wah simply by pressing hard on the toe switch, no problem. The problem is when I try to use the manual bypass function with the EXP. It automatically unbypasses the wah, which seems to be altering the sound. I really don't like that so if this is normal I just can't use the manual function. 


*I realize I may not be saying things correctly, but hopefully I'm explaining what is happening. 


Thanks again.





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