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medium/tweeter replacement


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Hi there,

one of the medium/tweeter of my amplifi 150 is dead.

Either I can find a spare part or I have to change both but that shall need some work on the wooden cabinet.

Any idea ?

Thanks !


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Thanks !

I knew fullcompass having bought one Amplifi main board. Speakers are not among their part list.

But I did contact them for quote.


Anyway, thanks for your reply.






PS: the original main board crash from time to time but is not completely dead. It will not start without being connected

to the button board. So not easy to fix it. Any idea where I can find schematic ?


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there wont be a schematic.  Line6 Intillectual property.


But they use standard dsp chips so should be too hard to troubleshoot if you have electronics background.


Crashing from time to time, but working other times is very hard to diagnose and I suspect some sort of software issue.  Such as firmware bug/corruption or a user editable part that has an error that isnt handled by OS very well.


better to get line6 to fix if possible IMHO.

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