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Pod Farm 1.12 not install in OS X 10.13 High Sierra

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Hi, I have a Tone port UX2 and this include a pod farm, i can't install pod farm 1.12 in mac os x 10.13 High Sierra, when I  install  appears next message : "You can't install pod farm in this disk".


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Yes we’re now in 2023 and the price of living has become difficult which brings me to this that I’m a bit of an older player and all this new(to me) digital plugging my guitar into my computer and suddenly having literally 100’s of different effects amps and cabs and with GarageBand I can create music in front of my very limited MacBook which brings me to line6 I love the products but because of doing things on a budget I wanted to buy something instead of using my iPhone plus the apogee plug in so bought a MacBook Air great I thought as I can now use this toneport I bought to run the new mics I also purchased and all done on a budget so things we bought used but in good condition so I’m now all ready to relive my poor little iPhone that I have been using as my little studio so I thought(stupidly now) that I’d buy a Mac and a half decent line6 audio interface and I’m a middle aged beginner.

so I’m now ready to become -in my own head of course-the next big YouTube producer but then the true horror happens and you all knew what I’m about to say before I did and that is that line6 and Mac seem to somehow hate eachother because I just cannot download monkey ok pod farm downloads fine but monkey won’t and hence my ux2 can’t install its drivers etc and I have a load of stuff that is decent but the problem is the Mac so unfortunately I’m back using my phone until I can save enough to buy a windows laptop which I should’ve done to begin with but I thought stupidity that cuz it’s all good on my phone and my iPad mini using apogee jam and all the line6 gear I already have working perfectly with the apps on my phone but why not the MacBook?

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