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G50 transmitter using many batteries

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Hi all.

Have been using my G50 wireless with guitar for many years, on weekend i used it in another band plugged into a bass guitar. Sound was fine, however it used lots of batteries for the night.

Started with a fresh set of batteries in transmitter, display on body pack indicated 8 hours of runtime remaining, however at end of 1st set was indicating low battery. Replaced battery for 2nd set and the same thing occurred.

Wondering if this is a common occurrence using these for bass guitars, or if it has something to do with the bass having active pickups, or if it could have just been a dud pack of batteries.

Used it the following night back in guitar and got through entire night on single set of batteries, still showing more than 4 hours remaining.

Anyone else experienced a similar scenario?

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Sounds like a bad set of batteries to me.

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Yes, what phil_m said.

Active pick-ups at a different supply voltage can also have an affect.


An intermittent solder point allowing voltage bleed-off is a possibility. In this case should be

taken to an authorized service center for that, lots of very small parts on the board you don't

want to mess with.


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