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HX Effects and Kemper Profiler


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I'm owner of the Line6 HX Effects. I love the device, it has everything I need (so far) and the sound quality is excelent!


Since a couple of days I also own a Kemper Profiling Amp and I was wondering if I could use the HX FX (command center) to "control" the Kemper. What I basicly want is: hit a preset on the HX and switch to a certain amp in conjunction with certain effects of the HX FX.


So my questions are: Is it possible what I want? And if so, how do I approach this?


Any further tips and tricks on "HX & Kemper" would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for reading!



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Sorry, I don't own a Kemper and can't give specific examples, but I'll try to help. 


If you are new to midi then you will want to keep this simple. You can do a lot with MIDI but my advice is to walk before you run. 


By default, devices will usually setup MIDI to listen on all channels (omni mode) and program changes will be on. If you hook up a midi cord from the "midi out" of the HX to "midi in" on the Kemper every time you change a patch on the HX the Kemper should follow. That is the easiest way to line things up... just store your amp presets in the corresponding patches that follow the HX.


If the Kemper does not follow the HX program changes, you may have to set the midi channel. You will need to check the Kemper documentation to see if you can turn on Omni Mode.... if not, just set it to channel 1 and make sure the HX global Midi is also set to communicate on Channel 1. 


The HX Effects operates very similar to the Helix... so if you can find videos or topics about controlling the Kemper with the Helix most of it will apply. 



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It is very easy to setup. 

Just set the midi channel and the program number you want to recall when switching a preset or a snapshot. 
I control my old Korg A2 just like this, using my HX Effects, as I did with Helix floorboard and later on with my other Helix LT.

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From the Kemper manual:


MIDI Program Change Assignments and Settings

On the next System Settings page, you can assign up to 128 MIDI program change numbers to Rigs in your Browse Pool. Sending these program change numbers from any MIDI controller will load the assigned Rigs. To do so, first select the Rig you want to assign a program change number to and then press the System Button. Navigate to “Browser Mode PrgChg” page using the right Page Button, select a desired Program Change using the Soft Knob labeled “MIDI PrgChg#” and then press the Soft Button labeled “Assign”. Use the Soft Button labeled “Unassign” to unassign a Rig. On the following page “MIDI Settings” you find more options and parameters, which are explained in detail in the chapter MIDI.


From the HX Effects manual:


Determines whether the HX Effects device automatically sends MIDI program change (PC) messages from its MIDI OUT port, via USB, or both MIDI and USB when selecting presets. This setting does not affect the sending of any MIDI commands manually assigned from the Command Center page.


In the Kemper, assign PC#s to the Rigs you want to call.

In Helix/Global/MIDI, set MIDI Tx OFF - this prevents automatic sending of the default PC#.

In Command Center, set an INSTANT COMMAND to the PC# corresponding to the Kemper Rig you wish to call.

Either set the Kemper to RECEIVE MIDI on the same Channel as the Helix BASE Channel or be sure to set the INSTANT COMMAND to the Channel that the Kemper is set to RECEIVE MIDI on.


That should get you there!

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