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Spider v60 & Desktop PC Setup

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Hello Everyone,


I used to be really into playing my guitar but adulthood got in the way and I ended up selling my tube amplifier.  I'm trying to get into it again and I was looking at the Spider V60 but I had a few questions.


  1. If I hook it up to my PC, can I change the sounds and presets from my PC using the Desktop Application?
  2. If so, can I play the sound/preset on the amp while I am doing this?
  3. Can I get rid of my Presonus Audio Interface and just use the Amp for that?  Can it also just be used for standard audio on my computer?


I think those are most of my questions.



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1. Yes, you can download Spider Remote PC version. Or you can just connect your iphone to Spider V, and edit your preset with Spider Remote Application.

2. Yes, you can

3. You can use it as a speaker, it's a full range speaker. I oftenly use it as my playback via iphone.

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