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HX Effects - IR doubt

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Hi guys...


I am trying to record some songs using an audio interface and that's what I am doing:


Interface input A -> Vox AC15C2 mic'd with Shure SM57

Interface input B -> comes from the R (out) from HX effects


I would like to use an IR just in the R channel, not in both. In Helix floor and LT I could do it easily but in HX Effects, seems that the L+R outs are mixed.


Is there a way to use a IR just for the R channel, insteade both at the same time?


Thanks !

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Yes - it is quite easy to accomplish this.


  1. In the final block of your chain, insert the IR
  2. In the "signal path view" drop the IR to path B.... this should be the only item in PATH B and the "input Y" should come directly before it.  If the input Y is too far to the left,  highlight it and move it as needed. There is no need to EDIT the Input Y, just make sure it is located in the right place.
  3. Staying in "signal path view" scroll over to the Output Y to edit it.
  4. Adjust the pan settings for the output Y. Direct Path A to to the Left output, and Path B to the Right output. 


Path A (left output) will be everything except the IR

Path B (right output) will be everything including the IR

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