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Record amp output on iPhone instead of mic

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According to this Video, I should be able to record the DI output of the Spider V into my iPhone recorder app simply by being connected to the amp via USB.


However, when I do so, the recorder records the mic input on my phone and not the amp output...  I can blow on the phone and record that for example.


I have the Spider App installed and successfully connect, so that’s working.


Is there some setting somewhere that I need to use to switch the recorder app to use the USB input instead?


Im using the latest iOS, on iPhone X.

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Never mind!


If you have the phone set to output to the speakers (the little speaker icon in the upper right is blue), then it records through the mic.  


If you turn that off (so the icon is white), it records from USB instead.  


Unfortunately, you seem to have to turn this off BEFORE plugging in the USB apparently.  I can’t seem to switch it off when it is plugged in.  Interestingly I can turn it on though!  Guess that’s an iPhone bug?


Depending on the settings it may or may not play through the amp afterwards either.




Open Voice Recorder

Ensure the speaker icon is white (speaker phone is off)

Plug in the USB cable

Then record



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