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Jtv Guitar Stand?

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I had problems with a "normal" guitar stand as the VDI cable was at exactly where the supports was, so the guitar was at a silly angle and I didn't like the idea that the socket was taking the weight of the guitar.


I now have one of these which supports the guitar from the head just like those hung on a wall  - it is much more stable that it looks because for some reason the photo shows it extended for a bass or something when in practice it only needs extending up one step.  Our Bass player has one of the double headed ones (GS422B).

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Some stands may interfere with the place where the VDI or even Jack connects! I have an old stand like this one and I can't place the guitar with the cable connected, so what I do is just close it to the previous pin marker and voilá!

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I haven using the Hercules tri-stand version for about 8 years, and it has really been good to use. I used to take 3 guitars Variax 300, LP, and Ovation A/E and needed all 3, but now I take my 2 JTV's - 59 & 69S, but still use the tri stand - just used to it.... Folds up nice in my gear bag, doesn't take as much floor space as 2 separate stands, etc. Nice & stable. The other guitarist in the band has a Hercules bi-stand, but it takes up about the same space as my tri.



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