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Amp channel switching with an LT


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I asked this over in the Blackstar forum also, no response yet. The manual says to be careful when hooking up to ext amps, making sure they're "short to sleeve". The BS HT40 I have does this so I should be okay. "Should" because I measure 3.3v from tip to sleeve (OD channel) & ring to sleeve (reverb) coming from the amp sw jack when both are turned on. When the switches are toggled on the amp footswitch the 3.3v shorts to ground turning off the  LEDs & deactivating either one or both. I think using a TRS cable should work fine to switch both from the LT.


Can someone please let me know if you've done this & it's no problem, and/or that the LT uses relay switching and therefore the 3.3v won't hurt it. I don't mean to make a big deal out of nothing but also don't want to screw up my new Helix.


As always, any responses appreciated.

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Okay, got it. It works, great. The 3.3v was no problem at all & now I can change amp channels &/or reverb at will. If the footswitch supplied with your amp doesn't have LED indicators you don't even have to worry about it at all. Just hook up a TRS (or TS if only one sw) cable to the EXP2 jack then follow the manual pages 51/53 first, then 47/48. 


If your Helix footswitch lights up backwards from the state you expect (ie; lit when clean / reverb off, dark when OD / reverb on) Richie Castellano did a nice YT video showing how to fake out the switch by assigning a "dummy" block which you can then bypass, allowing you to flip the state. Here's a link:


Start around 6:00 for this tip


Thanks for the response Don.


Please remember guys, what may seem stupid easy for you may be worlds away from some of us. My main concern was damaging my LT & it could've ended way worse if the LED voltage was routed to internal Helix processing. 

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Returned to dealer, a new one arrived, same problem, returned for refund. I'm buying a MOD Duo from MOD Devices. No more Line6 for me.
Line6 is playing with the customers patience...


And I'm tiered of this foruns where nobody helps nobody.

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