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HX Effects + Modular Synth

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Hello Peeps :)


First post, so, hi.


I went all impulsive on Monday, on the way home from work, and bagged me a HX Effects unit.


I've been using a Lexicon MPX500 as a send effect for a bit but found that in "dual" mode I just wasn't getting the delay sounds I wanted.


My old GT-5 was good for the delay but only mono in, as expected, I guess, for a guitar pedal.


I liked the look and sound of the TC Electronic Triple Delay and it is well respected in the world of ambient.


But the HX Effects was sitting there, waiting for me in my local music store, and I cracked under the pressure.


Anyway, is anyone else using their HX Effects for something other than guitar? I am a guitar player, but I also have a modular synth and I am currently routing a stereo signal out from my DAW, through the HXE and back into my DAW, as a send effect, and all is good so far. I may have bought a sledge hammer to crack a nut, but, whatever! Here I am :-D





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On 5/17/2018 at 6:02 AM, zachhodges said:

I often use my helix lt for keys, so yes kind of! Its really fun.


 Indeed it is :-D


I'm currently running the send/returns to/from my MPX500, so  will get some more use out of the old thing yet!


Love the HX FX interface. Easiest effects unit to create presets with I have ever had...

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