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How to rewire the 5way switch selector

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I'm not sure that all are wired the same, which model of Variax did you buy? 


I hope you got it at a good price... and was told it wasn't working. I suspect someome "tried" to fix it and that is why the wires are off... even if you get them back on there is a good chance that was never the problem. 

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On 5/20/2018 at 2:55 AM, Williedave said:

I just got this variax guitar used and it wasn't working I pulled the back plate and found that someone had disconnected the 5 way switch witch wires go where please someone help

You're not going to get much help without more info on the variax model you bought... If you see the 5 way selectorby removing a back-plate, I guess that narrows it down to either a JTV69 or JTV89, in which case you need to post this question on the JTV forum instead of here. I guess at least then, someone could upload a photo of inside.

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Register the guitar in your account, then log a support ticket. Either an authorized service or me.

It would go quicker that way, and less chance of you becoming the guy who had it before you. He

 probably tried to mess with it himself and failed.


JTV69/69S, 89/89F or Standard.



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