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Anyone Tried A 64gb Sd Card?

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Question as per the title really :-)


I realise the compatability lists state 32GB but wondered if anyone had successfully loaded and used a 64GB card?


I only spotted the declared 32GB limit after I'd bought a 64GB one, but before ripping it out of it's packaging to try it I figured I'd ask, as at present I can still return and exchange it :-)

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yes it works but it must be fat 32 format..... at first I could not get it to be seen the I reformatted to fat 32 and its all good now been using it alot the past 2 -3 months. got mine off newegg for cheap just gotta be a "class 10" 

I did have to use

Disk Partition Software - MiniTool Partition Wizard it is FREE!!! to erase the original partition then re partitioned and formatted
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