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Dt50 Hd500 Computer Usb Noise Whhite Buzz


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I guess it will get quiet as a mouse with high power coursing it's way through a line level device causing it to burn to a crisp. LOL


On a more serious note, If I'm not mistaken only a proper Attenuator can be placed between the power output of the amp and the speaker. I've been looking into it a lot lately as I'm interested in the Jettenuator.

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hd400hum destroyer cool to touch  what gets hot:?


The wires inside. Power amp currents are large, so you need thick wires. If the wires are thin (as they would be for line level devices), the wires overheat and catch fire. Their current rating is much lower than you would need.


Also, a power amp is designed for a particular impedance, often 8 ohms. If it isn't connected to the correct impedance, lots of things can happen, including damaging your power amp.

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