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How to use HD500X for effects only


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Actually it's a great question. I have been using this set up for between 100-120 shows a year for 3 years now and I love it! It's very interesting to me though that nothing sounds as good to me as going from guitar straight into the amp. However, I use the hd500x pre-amps with no cab simulation plus a handful of effects and it sounds awesome. Not as awesome as straight into the amp, but very close. I have to cover 50+ different artists from different eras and this combination is my ticket. The hd500x with a line 6 link can change the voicings on the dt25. That, in my opinion, is the whole point. I have a patch for every song, and I just go through the set list. From marshall jt45 to fender twin reverb to vox ect. All with the tap of my foot.

With that being said, you can disable the amp (set to none) feature in the signal chain of the hd500x and just use effects. Probably best to not use the line 6 link but use 1/4" out into the amp, or maybe even effects loop send return.

Everybody has their own individual way of making it work.

Best of luck

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