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Snapshot related questions


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Hi Guys, I have some queries and would appreciate if someone could chime in:


1. Is it possible to have different volume output levels on different snapshots within the same preset? I would like certain snapshots to be softer than the rest.


2. If I have a patch that has 2 different Amp + Cab options summed up to a mono output, does it make a difference if I use both XLR outs instead of one?


3. Is it possible to have different gain volumes assigned to different snapshots within the same distortion pedal (same block)?



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There are quite a few ways depending on what you want to do.  It sounds like you are not aware that you can have almost every setting change between snapshots.  For example, if you use HX Edit, click on your dist block, then hold the Alt key (Windows) down and left click (mouse) on the gain number OR the block at the end of the bar corresponding to the gain number.  This works on almost everything in a preset.  For overall vol, you can do this with the output level and have a diff vol for every snapshot.  That'll change your life - it did mine when this forum pointed this out to me!  I don't know about question 2.

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