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Temporary sound loss when switching presets


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Didn't put this in the Bug post because it's probably my fault. I have a few presets with the XP1 setup to automatically engage and be in bypass mode for wah. That works fine, but when switching from other presets some lose sound until I rock the vol pedal (EXP2) even though they're not setup this way. Is there possibly a command that I have turned on somewhere that causes this?


I can always rock the vol pedal but might be scary in a live situation. 


Thanks for any responses.

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On 5/24/2018 at 5:41 PM, j_hotch said:

There is a global setting which toggles between the xp position being read 'globally' or being read per preset. I would see how that is set.


Good luck!

Exactly what it was! I had missed that; Ben Vesco does a nice YT vid on this very thing. 

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