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My old Spider 4 burned up a power supply board.  After I replaced the board the load presets showed in the window but I could not get it to

work using the push presets button.  My presets were not accessible.  The rest of the amp worked fine.  l found out by using Line 6 Spider Edit

I could use my computer to load the lost presets by bundles of 5 and if necessary go to another bundle of 5.  All this is described in the 

Spider 4  Edit manual in detail.  Your presets are actually saved on your computer for use instead of on the amp.  Yes, not quite as easy

as having it on the amp, but at least the amp is quite usable.  To do the Spider Edit you do have to register your computer on Spider Monkey.

You have to establish communication with your amp through the FBV Express pedal to do this.  Do this and at least your amp will be highly

usable.   I am sure some folks out there have gotten rid of their amps or worse because they thought it unusable.

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