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Spider IV 75 Direct Out Question

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I'm trying to setup my guitar to run through my desktop monitors.  I tried running the amp direct out into the speakers, and it works, but the sound isn't very good.  It seems muffled and distorted, even at lower volumes.  Is this a known issue, or is there a setting to change?


Also, if this isn't a good setup option, what would you recommend to use?  I looked at getting an HD500X, then run that into the speakers, skipping the amp all together, but figured I'd try with what I have first.



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The solution above ^^ is taking the powered speaker output and paralleling it to more devices.  Note that this could affect the amp's output circuit (running a parallel circuit will reduce the impedance seen by the amp circuit).  It's also sending a powered signal to whatever device is being used - this could blow out components in an audio interface or computer's audio input.


Not sure why the OP wants to hook up desktop speakers directly to the DI - the amp's built-in speaker will give the best tone.

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On 6/13/2018 at 8:04 AM, jak_E_lee said:


Get one of these.I did this on a spider 3.Hook it up to the speaker leads and then glue it inside the cab.I now have thes speaker running in my spider 3 and a DI feed to a desk

This device can be screwed down so its an extremley low unpowered feed into a desk. I been using it on a spider 3 with no adverse affect and its a more true tonal pattern to using the headphone out. Also have my spider 3 altered at the phones port with a flick switch so i can either have the amp speaker on or off which is what I previously used...until I got this converter....streets ahead of the headphone port as a DI,just keep the converter set at minumum

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