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Helix to Control An Axe FX 3


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For all wanting to know, I set up the Helix in preset mode and used command center  to set up scene control changes. Presets work off the bat, but I did use midi mapping in the axe to line up the Helix with my user patches in the 400 bank. Below are setting in command center to get the Helix to do presets and scenes in the Axe Fx3.      

CC69   0 for scene one switch 7

CC69   1 for scene two switch 8 
CC69    2 for scene three switch 9 
CC69    3  for scene four switch 10 
CC69    4  for scene five switch  11

CC69    5  for scene six switch 1

CC69    6 for scene seven switch 2
CC69    7 for scene eight switch 3


You have switch 4 and 5 left. I could not get the stomps to work.

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