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Helix Recording-Cubase/Stereo


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It’s been awhile since I’ve done any recording and I want to lay down a few videos for personal use, Youtube, etc.  My old setup was a Lexicon U42 interface into Cubase 5.  As I understand it I can now omit the interface and recording directly from Helix into Cubase.  I assume I do this through the FireWire to USB cable.  I’ll connect it up for a test but my question is since I’m using a stereo sound patch can I record into Cubase in stereo through the USB cable?  My old method was to duplicate the track in Cubase and apply an offset/pan for the stereo effect.  I’ll have to figure out how to make Cubase record in stereo since I’ve never done this but I assume it’s pretty straightforward to get it to activate and record the left and right channels simultaneously.  I would love to hear anyone’s comments that done this before. 


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What computer are you using? The Helix interface uses USB on both ends of the cable. I don't know if Firewire will work but others may have experience with that.


As for stereo, use a stereo audio track in Cubase and select Helix USB channels 1+2 as the record input.

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