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Spider Valve MKII Wet-Dry-Wet Rig (3 amps)

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Has anyone tried to build a Wet-Dry-Wet rig with three spider valve mkii amps using the same FBV board?

My ideia is as follows:

Guitar splits into three different three spider valves then we midi daisy chain from the master spider valve to the other two.

Hopefully we would be able to use different effects on each wet side and leave the center without time based effects.


Let me think what you guys think about this.



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Each amp has a supply line to power an FBV floor board. Tie the FBV to three amps,

good chance the FBV and the connector circuits on the amps will blow.


FBV's are not designed for that. It is an unsupported use and might void any warranties. 


Daisy chaining runs the risk of delays sand latency.


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