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Helix + Mesa Boogie Triaxis


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Hey guys,


I'm a huge fan of that good and warm tube amp sounding. I'm a using a Mesa Boogie Triaxis over the past 5 years always with multi FX rack units (PCM 80, Eclipse, G-Major, G-Force, etc.). I have been using the Axe Fx Ultra over the last two months and I decided to give Helix a go. I know it's a amp modeler and its made so we don't have to use anything else... BUT, I'd appreciate if a current owner could share an opinion on how can I wire these two units together. 


Many thanks!

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I have a Triaxis also, but haven't hooked it up since I got my Helix. :p


If you're wanting to have Triaxis tone and use the Helix for only effects, signal chain should be: Guitar --> whatever you want in front of Triaxis --> Triaxis Guitar In --> Triaxis L Out (or both for stereo) --> Helix Guitar In --> Helix 1/4" Out --> Power amp. Then run a midi cable from the Helix Out/Thru to Triaxis Midi In. That will take care of the patch changes. Leave amp, cab, and IR blocks alone if you're using a traditional guitar cabinet.


If you want to run direct without a power amp, then the same signal chain above should be fine minus the power amp but add a cab or IR block in the Helix's signal chain.

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I'm re-kindling an old flame with my Mesa Triaxis.  The block and processor limits of my new HX Stomp XL drove me to start experimenting 4CM again with my Mesa amp heads, Mesa V-Twin pedal, and now my Mesa Triaxis.  Except this time I used the HX Stomp XL with Triaxis and Fryette PS2, which eliminates the speaker load box and allows use of other Helix amp models with no tube power amp coloration. 


The Fryette PS2 is flat response, but has presence and depth controls to enhance if you like.  It also self-loads by running a speaker cable from it's speaker output to its reactive load amp input, so you can run it direct with no cab to FRFR, PA, or silent with headphones.


It's so easy to throw the Triaxis in and FX loop send/return and switch its presets with HX Stomp MIDI/Command Center with snapshots.  Everything sounds good with the Fryette PS2.  What a piece of gear.


I was having some GAS for a Synergy SYN2 to use in the same way, but the Mesa Triaxis still rocks!

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I put my Triaxis in a Send/Return loop and do a 4CM setup.  Then, I do everything with it.  Mostly - guitar -Helix - pre items (wah, compressor, pedals -real ones in loops and virtual - chorus, etc.) -Triaxis OR amp sim - time and other effects - out to power amp/speakers.  Experimented with other stuff - virtual cabs, USB out, XLR out, it all works awesome with far too much to choose from.  BUT, you get your entire Triaxis to shape that basic preamp tone, and all of the rest however you want it.  Other ways possible (like Helix only as fx), but this is my favorite.  


Helix rig.jpg

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