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Toneport UX2 (the red one) suddenly turns off under Win 10

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I use the red Toneport UX2 as my soundcard on a Windows 10 PC. If I start m the machine, sometimes the device will not be recognized by the system. The meters stay dark, and the LEDs are blinking alternately. I then pull the USB cable and reconnect it again, which usually works. What bugs me more is, that the Toneport shuts down without visible reason. The  sound suddenly turns off mid Windows session, the meters on the device go dark and clip LEDs start blinking. If I'm in a game, (Overwatch) the PC gets heavy performance lags after additional 30 seconds and finally freezes.

I tried reinstalling drivers and software, but that didn't help. I have the feeling it has to do with the USB ports, or maybe the connector cables. Has anyone had similar experiences?




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I would guess that it's the same driver incompatibility that others have with Windows 10. Some have had success trying different usb ports  from what I recall.

There are many posts on here if you search for them, some have shared their fixes, like this post.


A quick Google search brings up a few results

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