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Pod Farm won't install. There is no support from Line 6.

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I bought Pod Farm a few years ago. I've just upgraded computers and I'm trying to install it on my new one. I get a message that it cannot be installed, but no explanation why or what I can do. I have pro tools sessions that use pod farm and I will need for the plug in to load. I click on support and I'm instructed to open a "ticket". But there's no ticket. No tech support. No phone number or email address for paying customers. Just a lot of irrelevant FAQ links when I enter my questions.

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I got my answer on the phone (the phone number was hard to find, finally found it on Google). It seems neither version of Pod Farm is compatible with current versions of Pro Tools nor the current OS X systems. It appears it's being put out to pasture in favor of Helix.
I'm trying Helix now. It looks like it has a lot more options than Pod Farm, but isn't nearly as user friendly. It's taking me a while to try and get around that so I can't really comment on the quality yet. The graphical icons are pretty much gone. It's no longer possible to look at amp settings and adjust knobs, I think it's all numbers now. Which I don't like.

If Line 6 could return to the look of Pod Farm, with the expanded abilities of Helix, I think they could have a winning combination that would wipe out competition.


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