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Particular routing patches possible with HD500x?


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Hi there,


I'm quite new in the line6 family and actually bought the hd500x because a friend of mine recommended that one.


The setup I want to realize is like this:


I play Strats over my Mesa Boogie Nomad 4x10 Combo

My effects (actually only stomp distortion, phaser and chorus) should come from HD500x

I want to play acoustic guitar with comp, chorus routed to the PA (DI like) with one channel because...

I want to have the whole thing connected to my 16ch audio interface in order to record every type of setup I am using.


I have done some try on realizing iot but am actually stuck due to my limited time and technical problems (meaning my intelligency)

I have found out that my acoustic guitar can be routed like this with a very high output on the audio interface, but not that loud throu the PA

As soon as I change a preset to a e-guitar the signal to the audio interface is very low.

Generally the sound comming from my amp (hd=>amp) is not that good due to my personal limitations.


Is there anybody out ther who can recommend me some patches (or share patches with the same routing that I need)?


Patch - Clean (Sound of amp) - Stomp  for distortion - stomp for chorus - stomp for phaser => Is it possible to have my true boogie sound in the room and a fender twin reverb amp sound into audio interface?


Patch - Acoustic Guitar with same routing (Except that I would go into the PA of the rehearsal room or get a fullrange monitor instead of boogie amp), but same signal level on the audio interface?


Patch- Distortion modeling amp into boogie, but with same level as mentioned above into audio interface?


I'd realy appreciate your help and thanks in advance,



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I run a fairly complex setup similar to what you are doing. My patches will not work for you, but I will give you an idea of how I set it up. 

  1. I designate my left output for the guitar amp, and the right output for the PA. It doesn't matter if this is reversed, just decide on this before you start.
  2. If you use the XLR output for the PA you need to put a dummy plug in the 1/4" right output. I just use a DI with the right 1/4" out. 
  3. Acoustic patches.... created the patch and pan everything to the right so it only routs to the PA. 
  4. Electric patches... at the end of my chain I split the path. The right side will get an amp sim of choice and is panned hard right to go to the PA. The left side does not get an amp sim since it is routed to my amplifier. 
  5. With #4... if you want to run an amp sim into the amp (or into a power amp input) you can certainly do that. But I do recommend you choose the "no cab" option for a cabinet. 

With that basic concept, you can create and route any tone to any location. Some sounds go direct, other sounds go to the amp, some go to both.

It does take time to balance all of the signals but the mixer in the HD allows you to make those final volume adjustments along with the hard left/right pans. 


FWIW I use my HD for electric, baritone, acoustic, banjo, dobro, mandolin and pedal steel - so my routing and patching pushes the HD beyond it's limits and requires added A/B boxes. BUT as complicated as it is I am able to accommodate everything with one device rather than running separate setups for each.

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Hi guy


One parallel question i've have and never tested (sry for lazyness ^^ )


If like this case Jacks output are intended to be used in stereo or double mono (Path A and B here)


And XLR is plugged only to Left



Does the audio summing occurs ? Wihic output have precedence ?  Or are they completly independant, jack stereo, xlr mono or reverse)

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