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Distortion Pedal for Line 6 Spider Jam?

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Hi guys


I just purchased a new Line 6 spider jam and I love it. It's got all sorts of preset guitar tones on it. I had one question though, I want to get a pedal for it to be able to switch in between clean and distortion tones. Would any normal distortion pedal work? My main concern is, if there's two pre set tones on the amp that I need(for instance, "For whom the bell tolls CLEAN" and "For whom the bell tolls DISTORTION"), would the pedal be able to switch between both of those preset tones or would I only be able to switch between the 6 basic tones line 6 uses(CLEAN, TWANG, BLUES, CRUNCH, METAL, INSANE).

Some guidance on this would be great.


Thanks guys!

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Thank you Carlos.


Check the the pedal compatibility list in the Line 6 Knowledge Base

for the functionality and compatibility for the Spider Jam.



To change channels, banks and such, this is the list to use.


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