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Main Out Level Dropping

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We have 2 setups for our services, one for contemporary and one for traditional. After the last update, the mains drop to off every time we switch between setups.  Is there a way to save the main out level?


We are using the Stagescape M20d.



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That is normal behaviour. I guess the thinking is that a Setup is generally configured and saved with reference to a specific set of instruments in a specific venue/room. Hence, a change in Setup will load a configuration that may not be appropriate for the current set of instruments and room (volume, feedback, etc...). Accordingly the Mains Out is zeroed so that the user can proceed with caution and avoid an immediate unpleasant incident with excessive volume/feedback.

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Okay I can see a new feature for our next firmware update which would be, a small check box when you would load a complete scene or setup you would be able to check the box that says "load with previous volume settings"

That would be the second check box. The first would say something like "I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Line 6 from any damage to equipment or persons resulting from excessive volume and feedback."

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