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Sound not loud enough (with UX1 and POD Farm 2)

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I recently bought POD Studio UX1 and I'm having some issues. I installed POD Farm 2.59 and all the required drivers (including I use Windows 10. 

I'm trying to use this setup for home practicing with headphones, but volume levels seem to be too low. I turn the volume on my guitar knob to max for maximum input, plug my headphones in UX1 and i need to turn up the output on UX1 to at least 2/3 or more if amp settings in program are also on max to get normal volume level for practicing. Also, most tone presets I load sound bad (nothing near youtube demos) and are often too quiet.

The only way to get somewhat decent sound is if I turn up D.I. in POD Farm mixer, but D.I. (Direct Injection) is used for blending in some of the raw unprocessed guitar input so I don't think it is the right solution. Am I missing something here?

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