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Hey guys, Today I walk through the various tones I used in my cover of the Ghost Song Cirice using the Line 6 Helix. I also walk through various aspects of the mix. Be warned, this one is a little long. I used Ownhammer Impulses all over this thing, from the clean tones to the bass. HEAVY GUITAR: The amp I used was the Line 6 Brit 2204 which is modeled after the Marshall JCM 800. I used Ownhammers OH 412 ENG v30 JS which is a mixed IR by Jon Symons DIRTY INTRO GUITAR: I used the Jazz Rivet 120 model with Ownhammer OH HHC2 SOAP FULL CLEAN INTRO: I used the US DOUBLE Nrm with Ownhammer OH HHC2 THOR FAT BASS: I used the SV Beast Brt with the Ownhammer OH 410 AMPG SVT-10 PORT The drums are from the great guys over at SilentUndergroundStudios and their backing tracks




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